As a culture, politics and film major at Amsterdam University College, I deeply believe in the immense potential and importance that lies within visual documentation and its distribution.


Especially when it comes to my main interest, namely conflict studies in which documentation and reports often focus on political and economic factors, I am mostly interested in approaching situations from a humanitarian angle.

Thus, my most valued work-ideal in the field is the practice of listening and giving a voice and a face to civilians who suffer inequality and injustice. Acknowledging the subjectivity that arises when reporting from a humanitarian angle, I strongly believe that a more frequent representation of such is needed in today’s mediascape.


In this prospect, I further want to emphazise that humanitarian and social issues should not be used as a means to a political or economic goal. Instead, humanity should be considered an intrinsic end in itself and should be given attention to, through e.g. the practice of visual documentation.

As a journalist and visual story-teller, it is of high importance to me to remain respectful to peoples’ privacy, rights and dignity. Self-reflexivity in regard to my intentions, actions and the possible consequences remains crucial in the field. I want to make sure that the contents I publish respectfully reflect the circumstances I have encountered.
Thus, I am convinced of the fact that a journalist’s attitude towards his subject contains more importance than the potential recognition of his/her visual contribution to the media-scape.

Madita (Didi) Strähle

© 2018 by Madita Strähle

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